August 30, 2016

Electronic Document Tracking System

Electronic Document Tracking System(DocCase) designed by IT Mark Technology is a comprehensive document management solution to ensure the document traceable and monitor able.

File Cataloguing Function Cataloguing is the process of writing a description for the records. The records can be searched later using descriptions and titles within catalogues.
File Registration Function When user create file, user need to register the file in DocCase to determine the file category, ownership, location and retention period.

Here the system should be so user friendly that the user shall not enter many data. They just need to select the category from the list. The retention will automatically registered by the system according to retention of category.

The system also automatic generates the latest file code, file no and file volume after the user select the category.


Search Function The document management system’s search function is one of its most important elements. Search functions can be more or less sophisticated, allowing for searches by elements of the document’s metadata, or by searching the actual document for key words/phrases and using semantic analysis to determine relevance.


File Movement Control Function File movement should be recorded in the system to eliminate missing.  Thus it will reduce time to look the file.


File Retention Function The retention of information management records should be considered in the light of both business and legislative requirements, taking into account the cost of retention and the use to which the records might be put in the future.

  • Ensures that it is icompliance with the Records Management Procedure
  • Verifies that records needed for legal, fiscal, or administrative purposes will not be destroyed prematurely
  • Allows records that are no longer useful to be destroyed legally
  • Reduces the space and equipment necessary for filing records ipaper or electronic format, thus saving money
  • Determines wherecords may be destroyed, transferred to inactive storage, or transferred to permanent storage
  • Makes sound and logical reformatting decisions more easily
  • Provides informatiofor aessential records protectioplan
  • Ensures the preservatioof records with historical value
  • Demonstrates understanding of the privacy status of a giverecords series
Report Function The reports consolidate information in a format that makes it easy for managers to review and analyze. Below is the list of report that will produce by the system

  • Report of unavailable files that already borrowed by user.
  • Report of files created and stored in filing room and working area
  • Report of retention status of files
  • Report of files usage
User Management Any IT system needs to be regulated and policed. Users require different levels of authorization, with certain more sensitive functions/documents being available only to selected users/administrators.



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