July 2, 2014

Document Management Solution

IT Mark Technology Sdn Bhd is end to end service provider in record management solution

 Why IT Mark?

What we will ensure:

  • must make filing less difficult, tedious, and unattractive
  • must offer quick and easy filing and retrieval of information with a minimum of wasted time and effort (i.e., 30 second retrieval time)
  • must ensure integrity and continuity of record keeping despite changes in office personnel
  • must have uniform practices
  • must allow for the easy identification and purging of inactive records
  • should provide clear and simple file categories
  • should be expandable and flexible enough to meet everyone’s needs

Higher productivity for Lower Costs

Higher productivity and lower costs are the main benefits of good files management. The right filing system produces important tangible results and eliminates costs associated with poor procedures.

Time savings:

  • faster filing and retrieval of information
  • fewer misfiles
  • higher staff efficiency and productivity

Cost savings:

  • less frequent purchase of filing equipment and supplies
  • less office space used for filing equipment
  • less time spent on filing
  • less likelihood of litigation losses resulting from lost documents
  • less likelihood of lost documents leading to unfavorable audit findings and penalties
  • less costly recovery of vital records

Specific benefits

Establishing and maintaining control over files will bring specific benefits:

  • easier training of new personnel
  • expandability and flexibility to meet the needs of the office
  • standard procedures for disposal of obsolete records
  • improved service to clients/public
  • protection of vital records
  • compliance with legal and audit retention requirements

IT Mark Services under Record Management Solutions are:

  •  Development of Electronic Record Management System
  •  Record Policy and Procedure Development
  •  Standardizing and Reorganizing of Records
  •  Record Digitization (Record Imaging)
  •  Records  Archiving  and Warehouse Storage Solution


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